What is rdr.to?

The rdr.to website is a link redirection service built from the ground up to be easy, quick and free.

Not just another service

The idea of rdr.to isn't new – there are indeed many established websites that offer comparable services, like: bit.ly, TinyURL, and others.

So, why use rdr.to and not other, well-established service?

Current features:

  • Easy, quick and free
  • Unlimited links
  • Basic analytics

Planned features:

  • Expiring links
  • Embeddable via a fluent and modern API
  • Integration with leading analytics services
  • Interstitial ads
  • Monitoring of hazardous links
  • Brandable (your.domain)

Missing a feature?

The team behind rdr.to is continuously on the lookout for new features that can empower our customers. If you're fancying a specific feature, let us know and we'll investigate how to implement it.

The use of rdr.to link redirection service is bound to your acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully.